Trailer Hitches

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We currently offer Trailer hitches from the two manufacturers CURT Manufacturers and Gen Y Hitches.

In this next section we will provide you with the proper information as well as a comprehensible chart.

Trailer Hitch Selection

A trailer hitch can come in many different sizes and shapes.

Now there is a vast amount of special hitches (EX. gooseneck, 5th Wheel, and pintle hitches). But for the sake of this discussion on standard trailer hitches, we will discuss the one to five classes to which they can be categorized in.

Curt Manufacturers states

“When selecting the right hitch for your vehicle it is imperative that you know your vehicle’s weight capacity rating. While the trailer hitch you select may have a GTW rating of 12,000 lbs, your car or truck may only be capable of towing 10,000 lbs. In this example, the tow vehicle is still limited to towing 10,000 lbs, even though the trailer hitch may be rated higher. The lowest weight rating, whether of your vehicle, trailer hitch or other hitch components, must always be the standard for weight capacity. To learn what your vehicle’s weight capacity rating is, check your owner’s manual.”

In Addition to this information we have provided you with a comprehensible Chart.