Towing Electrical

Electrical products are crucial when it comes to towing your trailer. Moore’s Custom Trailers believes that in order to achieve peak performance, it is important to have quality components.

More than that it is important to have electrical components that can withstand the duty’s of a towing lifestyle. Durability, performance, and heat resistance are just a few of the characteristics that make the electrical converters and wiring harnesses we carry worth while.

Below we will discuss the various electrical components that are necessary for towing conveniently and most of all safely.

Electrical Connectors

Moore’s custom trailers carries a variety of connectors. From a 2-way flat plug up to a 7-way round plug. Our electrical connectors provide use for both trailer and vehicle ends. Our electrical connectors we offer feature a strong molded rubber construction, along with bonded wires. Some connectors however are not always compatible when you have two different types of connectors, use of an adapter is a solution to this problem. Many simple trailers and haulers tend to use four wires. This provides control over turn signals, tail lights, and brake lights. Plugs with five, six and seven wires can provide auxiliary power, backup lights, and electric brakes.

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