Specialty Trailers

When it comes to Concession Trailers and Specialty Trailers Moore’s offers several different brands and models.

Moore’s Custom Trailers carries multiple different brands of concession trailers and specialty trailers, each brand we carry offers multiple models and packages which we will discuss later on. Moore’s Custom Trailers carries a total of (3) different brands each one includes various models, features, and options. These brands include; (ATC) Aluminum Trailer Company, and RC Trailers each one of our trailers is able to be fully tailored and customized to fit your needs.

Below we will discuss each brand and the various models they provide.

(ATC) Aluminum Trailer Company

When it comes to (ATC) they offer a total of (5) different types of specialty trailers, each one has a variety of models that can be transformed and built for you. Since their is a vast amount of specialty trailers that can be designed from (ATC) we will provide you with a few examples of our most popular type of specialty trailers that can be constructed upon request. From a variety of floor plans and configurations each one is built and constructed from durable materials and quality components.

We do however highly recommend contacting Moore’s Custom Trailers, since most of these specialty trailers are built upon request, we can provide you with additional information. We want to make sure you get all you need, at Moore’s we provide you with nothing less but the best.

These specialty trailers include (but are not limited to):

  • Vending And Concession Trailers
  • Mobile Command Trailers
  • Mobile Marketing Trailers
  • Oil And Gas Trailers
  • Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers

Whether you are responding with a mobile command trailer to a disaster, or vending cotton candy at a county fair, each one is available with on board water, power, and gas making it a fully versatile trailer.

Vending and Concession Trailers

Whether your selling cotton candy, or need a large spacious trailer for cooking, these quality concession trailers are able to set up anywhere. Able to be built from any choice of trailer, each one crafted to withstand the duties as a store front. Below we will provide you with a few example of ones that have been built using some base models. The trailers below are just a few examples, keep in mind there are many more that can be built in addition to the ones shown below.

Mobile Command Specialty Trailers

If you require the resources to make critical decisions, provide solutions, and command; then these mobile command specialty trailers may be what you need to be fully equipped. Each Mobile Command unit comes with the most sophisticated equipment that is crucial for coordinating and taking action. Each unit offers many add-ons like; electronic equipment racks, Spacious work stations, monitoring equipment, and many other components that are essential in a mobile command center.

These Mobile Command Units include (but are not limited to):

  • National Guard
  • Air Support Tower
  • Farm Bureau
  • Fire And Rescue
  • Disaster and Response
  • Command Center

Below you will find examples of each Mobile Command Unit Specialty Trailers that can be constructed upon request:

Mobile Marketing Specialty Trailers

Whether you are showing vintage cars at a car show, or want to be a traveling billboard, then these mobile marketing trailers may what you are looking for. Each one can not only display your company’s art and design in graphics that are high resolution, but can also be constructed however you wish.

Below we will provide you with additional information and examples of mobile marketing specialty trailers that can be constructed specifically for you upon request:

Oil And Gas Specialty Trailers

Specifically designed for the oil and gas industry’s, (ATC) offers many options for on-site and portable solutions that help increase efficiency while working. Constructed using quality components and durable materials, these specialty trailers provide you with a long lasting trailer, able to maneuver in the most difficult environments. If you want a trailer that can incorporate multiple functions then we can design it for you, making it a multi-station trailer which ultimately eliminates the need for extra trailers.

A few types of specialty trailers in this category include:

  • Dog House Trailer
  • 24 Hour Locker Trailer
  • Pipe and tool trailer
  • Fiber optic Splicing
  • Mobile Office (With or Without Surveillance)

Since each one is built upon request for your specific design, we will provide you with an example of each that has been constructed before.

Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers

(ATC) offers two different size options when it comes to these specialty trailers. Featuring a cable access door that is weather tight, and dual layered, these Specialty trailers also includes a 4.0k Generator and much more. These size options include the 6’X10‘ and the 7’X12′.

Below we will give you the specifications of each size and all that they have to offer.

RC Trailers

RC Trailers offers a total of (2) two different concession trailers and (1) one specialty trailer, all of which are steel and built to stand the test of time. These models include

  • The RTB Concession Trailer
  • The RTB 8.5×19 TA3w- 602366
  • The Exhibitionist Specialty Trailer

Most Concession trailers spend the majority of the time on the road or at venues, it becomes essential for them to be built to stand the test of time. Each one is constructed on a steel frames designed to take on the strenuous activity concession trailers can sometimes under-go. Between being frequently loaded with stoves, refrigerators, freezers and other machinery each one is crafted for durability. In addition each one can be custom designed to fit you and your needs.

Below we will discuss each model a little deeper.

RC Trailers: Concession Trailers

Now that wraps up the concession and specialty trailers that we have to offer, always remember you can contact Moore’s Cusotm Trailers for more information on custom builds or quesiton on any of the trailers we offer.