Race Trailers and Car Haulers

Moore’s Custom Trailers offers several brands of race trailers and car haulers.

The brands we carry in the car haulers category are, American Haulers, Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC), and RC Trailers. Available in a variety of options and features each one can be built to your specifications.

We will take a more in depth look at each of these manufacturers and the models they have to offer:

American Haulers

American haulers offers a total of (6) six different types of race trailers/car haulers. (1) is aluminum and (2) are steel. The rest can be constructed as both. These models include:

  • Steel Silverhawk AE
  • Steel Raptor CHT
  • Aluminum Raptor ACHT
  • NHRF
  • Night Hawk 8.5′ Wide
  • AFX 8.5′ Wide

We will now discuss each model and give you a full list of specifications for each of these car haulers.

(ATC) Aluminum Trailer Company

(ATC) offers a variety of car haulers and race trailers each one has an extensive amount of features available for each. Below we will discuss the type of trailers they offer and the various models in each category. These include

  • Open
  • Enclosed
  • Enclosed gooseneck
  • Stacker

Keep in mind each one of these car haulers and race trailers have a variety of models that can be customized or built however you wish, each one we will discuss below.

RC: Trailers

RC Trailers offers several different models of race trailers and car haulers. Each one offers a durable, reliable hauler, that will perform time and time again without failure. These models of car haulers come in steel or aluminum, they include:

  • Steel RSC Crown Series
  • Steel RSTCH and RTTCH
  • Aluminum ARCS

We will now take a look at each and the features, options, and packages they offer.

Now that wraps up the race trailers and car haulers we have to offer. At Moores Custom Trailers we can outfit your trailer with a retrofit package and many other add-on options. Each trailer is able to be fully customized for you. Just pick up the phone and call us today!